9 Comfort Content Creators to Follow on TikTok For the Best Vibes

Some people work out to decompress, other people may read books, watch TV, or meditate. But me? I watch TikToks. It doesn't matter if I've been bed rotting for a couple of hours or just started my TikTok binge, there's something about scrolling mindlessly through morning routine and baked sourdough videos that just simply puts my mind at ease.

I know this sounds a bit counterintuitive though; social media is known for being bad for our mental health, and many people take breaks from social media because of it. But that's why it's so necessary to curate your For You page with comfort content creators.

Comfort content creators are the people who make you feel all types of zen when they pop up on your TikTok. Depending on the content of their videos, comfort content creators may relax you, inspire you, or simply make you laugh. In other words, they're your comfort, and they bring you peace in the best of ways.

Here are some of the best comfort content creators to like and follow, according to people who also use TikTok as a means to chill out. Take this as your sign to purge your social media actions while you're at it: delete anyone who doesn't make you feel good and only follow those who do.

The Best Comfort Content Creators to Follow on TikTok

1. Avery Woods (@averyywoods)

"She's funny, relatable, shows real life, and isn't too showy or influence-y." — Sela R., 29

2. Jack Callaghan (@jack.designs)

"He has the best ASMR cleaning videos. I love all the natural sunlight in his apartment, and I also appreciate just the ASMR versus talking/music/being sold something. It's always comforting to me to see people clean." — Jen F., 29

3. Old Time Hawkey (@oldtimehawkey)

"He is so incredibly peaceful; his calm voice and love of animals and nature is just so soothing. He always starts by saying, 'Well hello, buddy,' as if he's welcoming an old friend, and ends by saying, 'Here you go, buddy,' in a tone that's reminiscent of an older brother looking after you when you have had a bad day. It's a reminder to me that there are good and kind people in this world." — Alex Z., 32

4. Malié and Estelle (@themalieshow)

"Estelle is totally absurd, and I adore her. Never thought I'd love a lil puppet so much, but here we are. Very cute to see so many people with the same (admittedly strange) sense of humor." — Chan P., 24

5. OG Slimes (@ogslimes)

"It's always the same calming music, the ASMR is extremely calming, every video is a different theme, and the themes always go crazy." — Carrie F., 25

6. Brittany Broski (@brittany_broski)

"Brittany never takes herself too seriously, and it's so refreshing. Similarly to people who say that listening to podcasts makes them feel like they're in the room listening to a friend, that's how I feel about her content. Her ability to make jokes and laugh at herself is so contagious. Especially when the weight of workdays or real life problems feels like too much, her goofy content truly makes me lighten up a bit." — Elise N., 25

7. Smitty (@vinopapi23)

"I love his videos because it feels like it's just a friend giving me honest reviews of books he loves. It's not overproduced and doesn't fall into the TikTok tropes (especially the tropes within the BookTok community, which I find super performative and annoying). Plus, it helps that we have nearly identical tastes in books, so I know every recommendation he gives I am going to love." — Shelby P., 27

8. Emily Mariko (@emilymariko)

"I love her videos, honestly I think because she's not doing anything glamorous or unrealistic. Most of the time, she's just grocery shopping, cooking, going for walks, everyday kind of stuff like that. Her content consists of things I can incorporate into my own life (for the most part – I don't live in California or have access to a year-round farmers market, but I digress). I think that's part of the reason why I find it comforting. She's organized, her content is simple, and you can tell she finds joy in the midst of all of it, which is a nice change of pace from the insane 'get ready with me and my 37-step skincare routine' kind of content." — Madison G., 27

9. ASMR Belle (@bellemariafriess)

"She is my favorite. She has a British accent, and her voice is very soothing, but she does POV scalp massage videos and light trigger work that I find so soothing!" — Erin K., 31

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