This New-Moon-in-Pisces Baño Will Help You Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Getty/Jessie Casson
Getty/Jessie Casson

Spring Equinox is on the horizon as new beginnings fill the air. The New Moon in Pisces arrives with the water to push those blossoming seedlings just above the soil's surface. Following the New Moon in Aquarius, which emphasizes the collective, the Pisces new moon casts a spotlight on you and your true essence. What seeds do you want to plant ahead of spring?

New Moons are great for setting intentions and wishes. With a new season nearing, it's a wonderful time to manifest your biggest and brightest dreams. Tap into your heart, connect with your soul, communicate to the universe what you want, and envision it as if you already have it.

Pisces contains some of the most psychic energy of the zodiac. It is the grand finale of all the zodiac signs. This water sign constantly buzzes with energy receptives that keep Pisces tuned into the Universe. Tapping into your inner Pisces during this time could help you gain clarity regarding your future.

The Aquarius new moon had you evaluating your position in the larger sense of humanity and the world. Pisces energy allows you to zoom in closely to your heart's center and dig for any inner-child healing that needs to be done. This journey of introspection creates an inner strength that shines through and touches everyone around you. In essence, Pisces invites you deeply inward to reflect that light at its brightest illumination outwardly.

This duality is evident with the two fish that represent Pisces, as well as, this sign's two ruling planets — Jupiter and Neptune. The expansive power of Jupiter combines with the introspective, psychic energy of Neptune, the planet of intuition, spirituality, and empathy. Neptune is also deeply connected to the dream world and delusions. Meditation during this time could be quite powerful and offer the clarity you need along your path.

When Is the 2024 New Moon in Pisces?

The Pisces New Moon peaks on Mar. 10 at 4:02 am ET. That morning would be an ideal time to wake before the rising sun and do some spiritual work like meditation with music playing. Pisceans are music lovers!

What Is the Meaning of the 2024 New Moon in Pisces?

If there is any time to be witchy it's during the Pisces new moon. The energy of the twelfth zodiac sign provides you with a platform to go deep into the corners of your mind and soul. During this new moon consider setting intentions around inner happiness, spiritual healing, and psychic awareness.

If you've been challenged with finding it difficult to accept joy in your life, make a wish to open yourself up to receiving it. Remind yourself that you are deserving of happiness and that your mere existence in this life is a miracle.

Feeling lost without direction can indicate a need for a stronger spiritual connection. Pisces rules reliance on a Higher Power, so if you're feeling a bit disconnected from source, wish to strengthen that bond. You are the co-creator of your life with the universe. Don't feel like you have to go at it alone. Seeking out a community of like-minded people could serve you well at this time.

Pisces also rules spiritual healing and unconditional love. So, get all up in your watery emotions and feel every bit of it. It's OK to cry, laugh, get angry, if you have to. These emotions act as vehicles of shifting energy. This is why the Pisces new moon is one of the best times to sit in meditation, enjoy a yoga class, get your cards read, or book that energy healing session you've been wanting to gift to yourself.

The feet and the lymphatic system are of focus during the Pisces new moon. A nice therapeutic pedicure would be great or a lymphatic drain. Also, consider doing a detox to shed any unwanted energy both physically and spiritually.

What Is the Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During March's New Moon in Pisces?

Dear God, I am seeking a deeper understanding about this life. There is so much I want to do and I don't know where to begin. Please help guide me on my next steps. I trust and believe that what I want and what is aligned with my true essence will come forth in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your guiding light, helping me to find my own.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With March's New Moon in Pisces?

The Moon - Just as this tarot card uncovers illusions and do deep into the shadows of our souls, so does Pisces.

Which Chakra Goes With March's New Moon in Pisces?

Sacral Chakra - Our center for creativity and sexuality coincides with the sign of Pisces where emotions and the desire to create know no boundaries.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For March's New Moon in Pisces


Sea Salt


Water lilies

Cedarwood, bergamot, and basil essential oils

Aquamarine, bloodstone, onyx, and lapis lazuli crystals

Lemon balm, rosemary, and mint herbs

Silver candle

Florida Water


  1. Let's kick off this Pisces new moon ritual with some soothing music. Whatever calls to you will work, but try to find just music, no lyrics. Allow yourself to dance and feel free. Dancing naked during this time is wonderful if you dare!
  2. Begin by cleansing your space with some sage smoke and allow that smoke to float around your body as you connect with the universe and invite in the energy of the Pisces new moon.
  3. Next, fill your bathtub with warm water and add one-to-two cups of sea salt. Mix it in with your hands as you sing and really get in tune with your energy and what you need.
  4. Add a few splashes of Florida Water and the essential oils you intuitively feel called to use. Again, mix it in with your hands.
  5. Next, add some herbs to your bath and mix them in with your hands. Talk to the herbs and thank them for their healing energy. As you add them to your baño speak your intentions out loud. Remember that your words will seep into this amazing spiritual bath you're preparing.
  6. Top off your baño with water lilies, the birth flower of Pisces. This flower brings high levels of positive energy.
  7. Save some of the flowers to place in a vase and make a Pisces new moon altar. You can write your new moon wishes and place the paper under the vase with your crystals intuitively positioned around it. Add your silver candle and light it before getting into your bath.
  8. Soak for 20-to-40 minutes and think about all that you are inviting into your life under this new moon. When you are done, allow yourself to air dry if you can or pat dry with a white towel. Pay close attention to your dreams!